Personal Coaching

With a compassionate observer, discover what makes you tick, bring self awareness to a new level and with subtle yet profound guidance, your life will begin to unfold in ways you didn't even know were possible.

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Couples Coaching

Let's face it, relationships are hard work. When we are emotionally charged and dealing with conflict we tend to see a limited number of solutions. Skills for Change couples learn specific communication techniques that focus on solutions. Think, scaling Kathmandu with a tour guide. Essential.

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Business Coaching

Managing a team of employees can be incredibly difficult. With Skills for Change Coaching, conflicts resolve, moral goes up and productivity increases. Bring mindfulness, awareness and useful skills to your team. Employees are so engaged they usually ask for more.

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Message from Laura

Skills for Change coaching is a dynamic approach used to customize and tailor your beautiful life. Often people think of coaching as being only goal oriented. We can do that too, Skills for Change offers so much more. Before we make a plan we need to deeply understand where the issues are generating from. Are they repeat patterns? Are they hidden in blindspots you're unable to see.? The Skills for Change tools are easy to understand and fascinating to learn. Once the tools are learned, it is impossible not to see your life, behaviors and motivations in a whole new light. This is where real and substantial impacts can be made. Let's begin.


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